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Digisite Professional Services

Apart from developing off-the-shelf software products, Digisite provides professional services to its customers world-wide. Digisite' experienced and highly qualified realtime WITSML data standardization and delivery systems have helped our customers to complete many challenging projects on time and within budget. Digisite' professional services include:

Well data standardization

Digisite helps its customers to convert 22 types of well data to WITSML format. Digisite has developed a set of tools for doing data standardization. Digisite has extensive experience in well data standardization and has used many types well data format in the past, including:

  • WITS
  • LAS
  • Microsoft Excel
  • ASCII text
  • Customzied Databases.
  • The well data standardization services Digisite provides include:

  • Data format conversion
  • Well log data digitization
  • Historical data load to WITSML servers

  • WITSML data delivery

    WITSML data delivery usually involves software-based data aggregation. Digisite is currently engaged in customizing the Digisite WITSML aggregator for extracting well log data from client's special sensors. Digisite deliver the WITSML format data in several ways, including:

  • Satellite
  • Microwave
  • Phone line / Modem
  • Internet
  • Software Application Development and Customization

    Digisite has developed five WITSML data standardization / delivery tools. The flagship product, Digisite WITSML server, can be deployed on the rig, in the office or both in order to support data replication among multiple servers seamlessly.

    After purchasing the systems suite, you can utilize the out-of-box features to stream your data from well sites to the central location, view your logs from remotely office or on the rig, subscribe data channels that you are interested in and watch the changing conditions on the well sites closely.

    For your special requirements, Digisite is available to help you customize your applications using our start-of-art .NET based controls and libraries or from ground up. Digisite provides the following .NET based controls and libraries (APIs) that can be built into your applications to communicate with our WITSML server or servers provided by other vendors as long as WITMSL standard is followed.

  • Digisite WITSML Server Web Services
  • Digisite WITSML Aggregator API
  • Digisite WITSML Subscriber API
  • Digisite Logviewer Control
  • Digisite 3D TrajectoryView Control
  • Well data standardization tools/utilities API
  • By choosing our open architecture, you will find that you are in a very flexible situation that leaves the decisions in your control.

    Digisite' experienced project development team can also help our clients to build the system from ground up fully based on your requests. Other than thorough knowledge on Oil & Gas industry, we own expertise on Microsoft .NET and J2EE architecture, most of the available commercial databases and GIS as well. To contact our project team, please email us at

    Consulting Services

    Digisite has a group of senior well data standardization and delivery consultant, many with M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees, that can help you define your well data requirement, develop implementation strategies, and provide user training.